Theresa Ford is facilitating this weekly Crystal Conversation so we can learn together how to make Crystals a part of our day to day life and self heal! As always, pay what you can and take care of you.

About the teacher: “Hi there, so my parents named me Theresa after my amazing grandma who has inspired much of my journey in many ways. I’ve created Theresa with Intention as an outlet to give exposure to my handmade healing jewelry. I started creating again after experiencing many overwhelming losses. I was getting signs from the universe to dig deep within myself, explore and begin to be intentional with my healing. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with a bunch of crystals in her office. I’m from Harlem, I’m a seamstress and I love traveling. I believe we all have within ourselves what we need to heal at our own pace. We need reminders at times, support, tools, self love, and safe spaces to heal but as we heal ourselves we heal our communities.”