This is a class for you to help you wake up and clear your mind through mindful movement. This class is designed to help you get through your day with a clear head and purposeful intention to take on anything! We will have a long warm up, moving into building heat with a sweet relaxing savasana.  This is an beginner friendly, all levels vinyasa class.

About the teacher: Jammella Anderson

Jammella is a soon-to-be 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher in Albany, NY.  Jammella began her yoga practice in 2012 and was immediately hooked. She began to see through the growth of her spiritual and physical health how transformative the practice was. The deeper she dove into the yoga the more she learned – and the less she felt she knew. After encouragement from her teachers, she began her YTT and things have been different ever since.

My mission as a teacher, is to remind people that they are whole. Not a piece, or a part. I want my classes to help you find your way back to yourself and to show you how to be and stay in your power. Yoga is for everyone, it’s inclusive and there is a practice out there for everyone - it’s not once size fits all. I want you to leave my classes feeling refreshed, re-aligned and ready for life off the mat.”