"Show Them How To Move In A Room Full Of Vultures"

How are you moving and making everyday choices? Are you meeting your goals and setting intentions? Are you following through with them? Or are you solely allowing external variables dictate your moves? Let's have a space in which we examine those questions and find the answers within ourselves. Awareness is truly key. Weekly we can reflect on our intentions and identify our blocks, if any. Discuss and find techniques to help us back into alignment and move with intention. 

About the teacher Vanessa Maruffo: Vanessa is from Queens, NY.  Whoop Whoop! Vanessa has a marketing and project management background in various industries. Through her experience, she has continuously learned to worked with people from all different realms. Her move to Albany, NY empowered for her to pursue work that allows her to hold space for others to deeply connect with themselves.  She's always had a heart for connecting with people.