Guided Meditations

This meditation is a brief 7 minute guide that works especially well for people who “feel a lot”: empaths, highly sensitive people, caretakers, and healers. I guide you through grounding your own energy and not getting drained or pulled away from taking care of yourself by external stressors. Using this meditation every morning will help you start your day grounded and centered.

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This isn't your typical spiritual book.

It's for when you need to pay a little extra attention to your energy. The ancient knowledge of the 7 point Chakra System is broken down into accessible patterns so you can notice when you're feeling a little off balance. This book includes emotions and thought patterns that are impacted by each chakra, journaling prompts, meditations, yoga poses, and affirmations to balance your sh*t!


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A 4 week e-course that is all about tuning into your 3 dimensions. Get root3d at your own pace from the comfort of wherever you choose to be! Sign up here.