Class descriptions + pricing

You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Move with Intention with vanessa marrufo

“Show Them How To Move In A Room Full Of Vultures"

How are you moving and making everyday choices? Are you meeting your goals and setting intentions? Are you following through with them? Or are you solely allowing external variables dictate your moves? Let's have a space in which we examine those questions and find the answers within ourselves. Awareness is truly key. Weekly we can reflect on our intentions and identify our blocks, if any. Discuss and find techniques to help us back into alignment and move with intention, every Tuesday at 6:30

Rise + Align with Jammella anderson

This is an all levels yoga class for you to wake up and clear your mind through mindful movement. This class is designed to help you get through your day with a clear head and purposeful intention to take on anything! We will have a long warm up, moving into building heat with a sweet relaxing savasana.  This is an beginner friendly, all levels Vinyasa class every Wednesday and Thursday at 8am

Soulful Flow with J’vanay Santos

This is an all levels yoga class focused on the synchronicity of the mind, body and soul by curating sequences that target the healing of various chakras through movement and mindful breathing.  This class aims to provide tools to assist in developing ones at home practice while also having technique for dealing with stressors off the mat. J’vanay’s hope is that after each of her classes, you experience the euphoria that she felt the day she fell in love with yoga. Oh and you’ll do all this self-care to RnB & Soul music just to top it all off. She invites to come home to yourself through classes that are experiences and journeys within. This all levels Vinyasa class is every Wednesday at 6pm.

Crystal Conversations with theresa ford

This class is an open forum to discuss healing crystals and stones. Even if you have never heard of crystals or healing with crystals, this class is for you. There will be information about cleansing crystals, historical African use of crystals, healing properties, crystal grids, manifesting, spirituality, meditating with crystals, using crystals to enhance one's ability to trust one's intuition, self care rituals, lithomancy, identifying crystals, journaling/reflecting with stones, do’s and don’t, energy protection, wearing crystals, local mining areas, and much more! This class is donation based and is held every Wednesday at 7:15pm.

Root3d Flow with chelle pean

This is an all levels yoga class that focuses on exploring the edges of your comfort zone while also taking care of yourself. This class focuses on bringing awareness in your body to release any stagnant energy weighing you down, and invite in healing and nurturing energy. This class is donation based and is held every Thursday at 5pm.

Readings by Poetik

Tarot is a tool to give you insight into your spiritual, emotional, and physical journey. Poetik is intuitive and caring, and we can’t wait for you to explore this tool with her! Poetik will be offering sliding scale 3 card readings every Thursday at 6:30pm. 

Stand Up + Act Out with aaron moore

There is an intimate relationship between the emotional life and physical expression and in this class we explore it. Become more connected to you body using these theatre techniques, movement, breathing exercises, vocal techniques as much more. Use this class to de-stress or just have fun! All that is needed is comfortable clothing and an open imagination. This class is held every Saturday at 10am.

Slow Your Roll with Shannon Hoffman

This all levels yoga class incorporates breath work, meditation, and Vinyasa flows intended to ground down for the week ahead! With an extra focus on connecting breath with movement, this accessible yet challenging class calls students to be in inquiry about the way they show up on their mat, both for themselves and each other. Moving through sequences with detailed alignment cues, this class seeks to guide students to slow down and be present in their bodies, so they can fully experience the benefits of their practice. This class is held every Sunday at 6pm.


Along with our regular membership prices, we have several donation based classes (pay what you can), as well as donated sponsorships for full price classes if you are unable to afford the full fee (just ask!).

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