This morning I met with a group of motivated positive people (shout out to the Power Breakfast) and was asked the question "what is your goal for this week?". Here I am, someone who plans everything out, I feel I'm pretty clear on what my long term goals are, and I actually didn't know the answer to that question.

It got me thinking about how easy it is for things to get so busy that we forget each moment is an opportunity to be purposeful in what it is that we're doing and why we're doing it. There's the daily grind, and while you're in it, it can be hard to slow down and zoom out to where you want to go. So for me, I have this "big picture" idea of where I'm going, but in reality all the "big picture" is are all these little moments, day to day, week to week. So if your little moments are filled with you monotonously following a cruise control routine with no purpose or intention driving your actions, how do you expect to end up where you want to go?

This is where setting intentions comes in. And it just so happens that tonight is a New Moon, which is the beginning of a lunar cycle for this upcoming month. The New Moon can be looked at as a "blank slate", a great time to set goals and intentions for the coming month. If we get really intentional about what we're doing here, we grow as time goes on, just as the moon becomes more and more visible in the sky throughout it's cycle.

Take the energy of tonight and be clear about what you want to manifest for this week, and this month. Write it down, but write it down as if it has happened already. For example, you don't wish you could have $2,000 in your savings, you have it already. You don't hope that one day you will get that job you really want, you write down that you have it, and you put down as many details about you being successful in this new job as possible. Language is very important; the words we think, the words we say, and the words we write. Where attention goes energy flows so stay away from the negatives. Focus on what you want to attract into your life rather than what you don't want (Example: instead of writing "I don't want to be broke anymore", you could say "I am living in financial abundance and money is not a worry"). 

This exercise of getting specific, writing it down, and visualizing your intention puts your mind and energy in a state that you are ready to receive what it is that you say you want in your life. Because sometimes we just talk shit, right? Like sometimes we say we really want this thing to happen, but we are afraid of success or failure and therefore don't attract it into our lives. So by doing this practice of imagining that you are there already, you're claiming your goal in spite of the fear (fear will be there if you're growing and changing, but it doesn't have to limit you). You're stating with confidence that this path you want is yours already and not only do you deserve it, but you are so capable of having it.


Happy New Moon Intention setting, wishing you lots of abundance and good vibes!


Love and light,